Friday, March 22, 2013


I been wanting to design differnt types of fortress and here it is.  The first one is steampunk concept stronghold, it's a type of defence fortress.  The second one is a hidden fortress in a dungeon, avery high technology center.  Thanks for viewing and I hope you guys have a great weekend.
completion time, 2hrs each

new post

The image is about attack of the dragon, when I stated this, I was just thinking about painting a dragon as a creature design, but some how ended up with an action sequence painting :P I thought about different concepts for elementist, different type of elements and how the effects could be visualized. There is plenty more ideas to add on to this image, but this image is done for now. Always thanks for viewing my work, more coming up soon.
completion time 3hrs

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

personal work 2013

Hello everyone, I worked on some paintings on my free time to keep up.  I'm hoping for the best of 2013.  Hope you guys will like it ^^ thanks for visiting my blog.  Wish all of you best of this year.
completion time, 2hrs each