Friday, April 10, 2009

Scary Place

Here is a new painting done in my free time. Took about 4~5 hours. It's something different from sci-fi more reality horror genre maybe. I should do more in this style and show it to you. Thank for viewing, and hope you like it!!



Matthew Scheuerman said...

I like how you've used photographs and ambient light on the details. Awesome.

Charles Lee said...

yo~~Josh congrats on new job~~!! ORegon huh~~?? Happy for you. Lets get together sometime~!!

Joshvisual said...

Thanks Matthew, I aways thank you for leaving good comments.

Hey Charles, yeah I'm looking forward to it. Thanks man. We should get together before I leave or something. Keep in touch and take care buddy~~

jabraniho said...

nice one!!
it was good seeing you on la!!
we gotta meet up one day!
when are you going up?

good luck with every thing
wish you the best!


Joshvisual said...

Hey Jung Ho

yes, it was good seeing you. Ha ha. I thank you for your comments and kind regards!! I'll keep in touch with you for sure. Should meet up before I leave or something I'll let you know what's up Thanks Jung

Joon Pil Park said...

Zup, Josh.
How is the new place?

Jparked said...

cool stuff josh! really did all your work.

-John Park

Jparked said...

Thx Josh,

Yah I'm current at ACCD.

How are things with you?

Joshvisual said...

Thanks john

I currently live in oregon working for s.c.e.a. up here, I'm good and handling the life style here. Yeah, I graduated artcenter in 2005it's definetly good to hear from you keep up the good work, big things ahead of you!! cheers

Anonymous said...

Atonement is a amazing movie. You got skills man. You should mention were you got this shot from.